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Become more visible with a printed bicycle light

Nobody is happy with a lollipop with a logo on it, that received notepad ends up at the bottom of a drawer, and who will still be surprised by a free pen? So, if you want a gift that really appeals, give printed bicycle lights! A striking gift for everyone.

The gift for every bicycle owner

What do we all do in the Netherlands, except complain when the trains are not running and dinner at 6 o'clock sharp? Ride the bike! And then a bicycle light comes in quite handy, for when you want to be visible on the road and are not in the mood for a fine. If you are looking for a gift that makes every bicycle owner (so, let's be honest: everyone) happy, then a bicycle light is the best gift you can give. Ours are the nicest of their kind and shine brightly at every passer-by. And even better: from 50 pieces we print them completely free of charge. With us, you are guaranteed the lowest price!

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Printed bicycle lights

Is there a big event, do you want to let your customers know that you appreciate them, or is there another occasion where you want to stand out as a company or organization? Then printed bicycle lights are ideally suited as a promotional product, fun gadget, or for sale. We print the high-quality logo or text directly on the lamp. This way we can guarantee quality and you can be sure that your logo will not come off.

Large stock, in-house production, and good quality

Our bicycle lights are of good quality and very reliable. It's so reliable that even Veilig Verkeer Nederland, the Fietsersbond, and the police also use our lights for bicycle lighting campaigns. We produce bicycle lights ourselves for the best quality. This way we always have the lights in stock. In terms of packaging, everything is possible: do you want a (printed) box, plastic foil, or perhaps an envelope? We are happy to help you.

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Unique design

A bicycle light may be very useful, but appearances also count. That is why our lights have a unique design that highlights your logo. The name of the organization can be printed large and clear because there is a lot of space for printing. The bicycle lights shine brightly and can be used immediately. So if you choose a printed bicycle light, you opt for extra visibility on the bike and as an organization.


Our bicycle lights are used by many different institutions, from the business community to the government and from universities to the police. Do you want to assess the quality of our lights and printing yourself? Request a free sample without any obligation. Call or email us and you will receive the lights within one working day

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