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Would you like to print a logo on bicycle lights?

It has gotten late, it's dark, and cold outside and you want to go home quickly. When you finally get to your bike, you turn the key in the lock and press the light button, but it remains dark. Whilst you're fed up and wondering if you're going to risk your life, you realize that you had gotten a bicycle light pressed into your hands this afternoon. While you usually immediately throw gifts in the trash, you put this practical gift in your bag. For a moment like this, someday. You tie the bicycle light around your handlebars and get on. In your head, you thank the giver of the light.

That eternal gratitude, is for you. After she puts her bike in the garage, she finds out who was her lifesaver. Your logo is displayed on the bicycle light. Printed in the best quality and due to the unique design of the bicycle light it is large and clear. Whoever you give the light to, it is bound to produce happy faces and grateful people.

Bicycle lights provide visibility

So printing a bicycle light with your logo is fun. For whatever purpose. Maybe you want to give the bicycle lights away as a business gift or you will use them as promotional material. Bicycle lights provide visibility. Literally and figuratively. By printing bicycle lights with a logo, your organization also stands out and you experience the benefits of that visibility as well.

Printed bicycle lights with logo

The printing of bicyle lights with a logo is done using a special technique directly on the bicycle lights, allowing us to print in great detail and in any possible color. No peel-off stickers or printing that fades, but the best quality. Especially in large quantities.

Fietslampjes.nl is the place to be for the printing of bicycle lights with logo. Fietslampjes.nl was founded in 2006. The small LED bicycle lights were only just on the market at the time and in stores. They were not yet available online, but the Frisian Arjen Bijlsma changed that.

Specialist in printing bicycle lights with logo 

Now, twelve years later, Fietslampjes.nl is not only the first, but also the largest party and specialist in the printing of bicycle lights (with logo). Our bicycle lights have a unique design, which is very suitable for printing. Due to a large stock, deliveries can be made very quickly.

Would you like to receive a free sample with your own logo or are you curious about the costs of printing bicycle lights with logo? Then please contact us.

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