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Your own bicycle lamp vending machine

The following probably sounds familiar: it's gotten late at work or in the gym, and suddenly it's dark outside.
It just so happens you've forgotten your bicycle lights.

Bicycle lights to take with you

How nice is it if there is a bicycle lamp dispenser nearby? We are the only one in the Netherlands to offer a bicycle lamp dispenser and place it at stations, colleges, and universities or in public bicycle parking facilities. Bike owners will thank you. The lights can be printed with your own logo. This way you offer good service and you have a beautiful business card in one.

Interested? Please contact us

Always at hand

With a bicycle lamp vending machine, you offer your target group something that they will really appreciate, namely that they can get bicycle lamps at any time and in an easy way. The bicycle lights are printed with your own logo, text, or company name. We provide high-quality printing, whereby the logo is clearly readable and does not fade. The logo can be printed large due to the design of the lights.

  • Free sample with your own logo
  • High quality, low price
  • Available in two sizes

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